Telephone: 02380 555776  Address: City Gateway, Parkville Road, Southampton, SO16 2JA  Click here for map
Opening hours Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays): 8:00 - 18:30. Reception closed 13:00-14:00

Coronavirus (covid-19) UPDATE - DO NOT attend the GP surgery or hospital if you suspect you have the infection. Stay at home and use this link below to access NHS 111 online tool which has been specifically set up to assess your risk of contracting the virus and will advise what action you should take.

Obtaining "Sick notes" (Med 3) and letters for your employer for Covid related issues.

Please do not ask the surgery for a sick note or doctor's letter if you are needing to self-isolate or are in an at-risk group. This will reduce the time we have for dealing with ill patients. 111 online can email you a Med3 via their online advice tool.