Our Team

We have five permanent GP partners on our team:

Dr. Yasir Hamid MBBS (Male)

Dr. Andrew Greenfield, BA, PGCE, BM, DRCOG, MRCGP (Male)

Dr. Nicola Robinson MBBS, BSc, MRCGP, DRCOG, DFFP, PalCare (Female)

Dr. Melanie Westmacott BM, MRCGP (Female)

Dr. Jane Duggan MBchB, BSc, MRCGP, DFFP (Female)

We are a training practice and host GP registrars – These are GPs who spend 1-2 years working with us as part of their training. Our current GP registrars are:

Dr Nida Yasmeen (Female)

Dr Sana Sultan (Female)

Dr Ahmed Samir Hemida (Male)

Dr Mansour Ahmad (Male)

Our Advanced Nurse Practitioners:

Helen Williams (Female)

Karen Ainsworth-Smith (Female)

Our Practice Nurses:

Louise Jones (Female)

Sally Shepherd (Female)

Our Healthcare Assistants:

Suzie Glenn (Female)

Emmy Bowles (Female)

Cherrie Yeung (Female)

Our Senior Management Team:

Practice manager: Mrs Sue Roman

Assistant Practice Manager: Mrs Lynsey Giles