Requesting your medications

We require four working days to process requests for medications to allow sufficient time for the GP to make the necessary checks on your record to ensure safe and appropriate prescribing. Late or last-minute requests for medications create additional workload for the whole practice team and can reduce the amount of time that GPs have for patient care. Please note, we are unable to take medication requests over the phone.

Medications can be requested in the following ways:

In writing by letter or by dropping in your printed prescription slip or hospital clinic prescription request form

Online via your SystmOnline account (recommended)

Automatically via Repeat Dispensing (recommended) - for repeat prescriptions only

We do not recommend that you sign up with a pharmacy  for their own prescription service as this can lead to inappropriate or inaccurate requests, however you are free to do so if you choose.

Collecting your prescription/medications

Your prescription can be collected in the following ways:

You can collect it from reception.

You can submit a stamped addressed envelope for it to be sent to you.

You can nominate a local pharmacy to collect it on your behalf.

It can be sent electronically to your nominated pharmacy (recommended)

Repeat Dispensing

Repeat Dispensing (RD) is a new and convenient way of providing you with your regular medications.

After attending the surgery for your medication review, your GP releases a set number of prescriptions electronically to your nominated pharmacy - up to 12 months in advance.

Your pharmacy will then automatically issue you with your prescriptions at the required time without you needing to put in a request first.

Benefits of Repeat Dispensing

More convenient for you - no need to remember to put in a request first.

No delays in receiving your medication - all prescriptions are issued automatically on the required date.

More efficient for the surgery -  saves reception and GP time in processing prescription requests.

Any changes that are made to your medications are automatically updated.

What about medications that I don't need regularly?

For medications that you only need from time to time, we recommend that you use the SystmOnline portal to your medical records where you can request medications electronically 24/7.


For more information on Repeat Dispensing please speak to our Medicines Manager by ringing the surgery on 02380 555776 or by submitting a secure online message via the SystmOnline portal.