Resources to help you look after your mental health during the pandemic and beyond

Resources for Young People & their families

The Little Blue Book of Sunshine - Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight Edition, a mental health booklet that has been developed for children and young people in Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight.

The book aims to help children and young people by sharing tips on how to deal with many problems, such as anxiety, body image, relationships and anger. It also includes information about where to get help when needed. The resources available towards the latter pages within the booklet are for local services in each area as well as services that are available across Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight.

Over the last year, lives of children and young people have been affected more than ever, during long periods of national lockdown, with young people sometimes feeling down, worried or anxious. The #littlebluebookofsunshine explains some of the things children and young people can do right now to feel better, and who to turn to if things feel too much.

The booklet is available in Apple Books and Google Play Books. Please feel free to use these links to access and share further. Additional to this, please see attached a PDF version of the booklet. Please note that pending future annual reviews and updates to the booklet, the versions available on Apple Books and Google Play Books will automatically be updated and always up to date.

Their website can be accessed below or alternatively read their social prescribing leaflet






02380 833336

Click here to go to their website or view an extract from their mission statement below:

About Us

Welcome to The Mix

Life’s tough, we know that. It can throw a lot your way and make it hard to know what the hell to do with it all.

So, welcome to The Mix. Whether you’re 13, 25, or any age in between, we’re here to take on the embarrassing problems, weird questions, and please-don’t-make-me-say-it-out-loud thoughts you have. We give you the information and support you need to deal with it all. Because you can. Because you’re awesome.

We’ll connect you to experts and your peers who’ll give you the support and tools you need to take on any challenge you’re facing – for everything from homelessness to finding a job, from money to mental health, from break-ups to drugs.

We’re a free and confidential multi-channel service. That means that you choose how you access our support, without the worry of anyone else finding out. Whether it be through our articles and video content online or our phone, email, peer to peer and counselling services – we put the control in your hands. You can even volunteer with us too.

We want to be the first place young people turn to get support. Sometimes what you’re told at school or at home just doesn’t cut it. We’re here whenever you need us, wherever you are. We can ensure you have all the best information to make the right choices for yourself.

Life is hard, but support doesn’t have to be. We’ve got this.

Vision Mission Values

What we do: The Mix is here to take on the embarrassing problems, weird questions, and please-don’t-make-me-say-it-out-loud thoughts that people under 25 have in order to give them the best support through our digital and phone services.

Our Vision is that all young people should be able to make informed choices about their physical and mental wellbeing so that they can live better lives.

Our Mission is to become the first point of contact for any young person seeking help or information on any subject wherever and whenever they need it.


  • Empowering – we lead, we train & support, we respect, we give space to grow, we give power to chose
  • Brave – we innovate, we pioneer, we take risks, we tell it how it is
  • Supportive – we listen, we encourage, we care, we’re understanding, we are empathetic
  • Collaborative – we are open & transparent, we co-create, we respect experience & expertise
  • Proactive – we create situations, we make things happen, we get things done
  • Non-judgemental – we do not judge, we do not criticise, we do not blame

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Harmless was established at the beginning of October 2007 to respond to the needs of people who do or are at risk of self-harm and suicide. It is a national voluntary organisation for people who self harm, their friends, families and professionals. Healthier together website provided by local children's specialists. informaiton and support on physical and mental health problems for children and their parents. - This covers numerous symptoms of developmental disorders and mental health conditions. It also has a lot of helpful advice ranging from online safety to getting children to eat greens. Mixture of articles and short videos.

www.young - informaiton and advice for young peopl, parents and profressionals; includes a telephone advice line and videos. This website covers emotional health, mental health conditions and neurodevelopmental dosroders eg Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - this website contains freee downloadable activities and videos for you to support your child to manage their emotional and mental health

  offer services to families bereaved by suicide, or immediate family members following a traumatic younger person’s sudden death loacal bereavement dervice for children National bereavement service

ThinkNinja is a mental health app designed for 10 to 18 year olds. Using a variety of content and tools, it allows young people to learn about mental health and emotional wellbeing, and develop skills they can use to build resilience and stay well.

Free during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis

The SENDIASS aims to empower children and young people with special educational needs/disabilities and their parents/carers to make informed decisions about education, health and social care.

Tel: 0300 303 2677

A parent-led organisation supporting families whose children have Autism, ADHD and/or mental health needs.

Domestic Violence Support

visit Southampton City Council Website here for domestic violence support information and resources

Another option is the Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership for support and and advice. Visit their website here. Support projects for those who have perpetrated domestic abuse and adults and young people who have experienced domestic abuse  or telephone 02380636313: support project for adults and young people who have experienced physcial or sexual abuse

Drugs and alcohol support

Local & online NHS Services

Websites and apps & helplines

Please Call: 023 8017 9049

Phonelines open:

Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm
(except bank holidays)

Visit their website here

Headspace App. Based around teaching mindfulness meditation principles to improve wellbeing, Headspace is offering free subscriptions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can use the app to record whatever you feel worried about. It uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques to help you notice and challenge your worries. It can also help you create an action plan for managing worry.


Self-help guides to view online or download

Gambling support

Bereavement Counselling