Flu jabs

The NHS flu vaccination campaign 2017/18

We recommend all eligible patients to have the flu jab every year. See the NHS flu jab webpage for more details as to why it is recommended and who should receive it. The vaccine is available from early September.

For adults the flu vaccine is a quick injection usually given in the upper arm and only takes a moment. 

(For children the vaccine is administered by a nasal spray and is completely painless)

We run regular flu jab clinics throughout the winter but are particularly keen to vaccinate you as early as possible before the 'flu season' starts. Additionally if you are attending the surgery for another reason we will be able to give you the vaccine at the same time.

Local pharmacies have also started to offer NHS flu jabs. However, we would recommend that you come to the surgery for your flu jab to avoid confusion. The NHS fee for administration of the jab will also help to support your NHS GP surgery rather than go to the big pharmacy companies. However, you are free to choose.