A city-wide reorganisation of GP services will go live on Monday 30th March. The following changes will happen

  • All Southampton GP Practices are collaborating to provide care to the people of Southampton

  • To avoid the spread of Covid-19 and to protect patients and staff, medical care will be provided by 2 teams:

  • A “Hot” service dealing with patients who have symptoms of posisble Covid-19

  • A “Cold” service dealing with patients without Covid-19 symptoms.

  • Stoneham Lane Surgery has been designated a “Cold” site for the surrounding area.

  • If you have suspected Covid-19 symptoms and need to be seen you will be sent to another surgery designated as a “Hot” site.

  • Some routine care will continue as much as possible in the cold sites. In particular childhood immunisations will continue to be given as long as the child and partent attending with them do not have suspected Covid-19 symptoms. Inevitably, some routine activity will need to be postponed.

  • For non-urgent medical issues please submit an E-consult or send an online message via your SystmOnline account.

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: To protect staff and patients, any person with suspected Covid-19 symptoms  who wilfully misleads medical staff about this to gain access to Stoneham Lane Cold Site or any other Cold site facility in the city may be liable to prosecution under section 15 of the Health protection (coronavirus) legislation. You must let us know if you have these symptoms so you can be directed to the right service.