Autism Information Workshops for Parents and Carers awaiting an Autism Referral

Autism Hampshire will be running a number of Autism Information Workshops for parents and carers of children awaiting an Autism referral.

Each workshop is 3 hours long and consists of six sessions. The workshops are:

  1. Introduction into Autism: This session will provide some general context for the other sessions.
  2. Thinking: Explores differences in brain structure and how this generates some unique styles of thinking. It includes some practical suggestions on how to support areas of difficulty.
  3. Communication: Discussing autistic perspectives on the use and processing of communication and strategies for adapting interactions.
  4. Social Interaction: A focus on rethinking social expectations concerning your child and developing relationships.
  5. Sensory Perception: Looking at sensory perception, how it manifests itself in behaviour, and strategies to either alert or calm your child as appropriate.
  6. Behaviour: Explore how accepting, understanding and adapting to how your child sees the world can dramatically reduce anxiety and behaviours of concern.

Courses will be running between 19th April 2021 and 30th July 2021.

Families can book a place by contacting Autism Hampshire by email:

Please see flyer below for further details.